Winning ways to workplace wellbeing!


Winning ways to workplace wellbeing!

By implementing some simple practices into your workplace you can protect your people and your business while at the same time increasing their overall wellbeing and your company’s productivity.

There are a number of straightforward practices that you can implement in your workplace that can pay real dividends in terms of increase safety, productivity and overall wellbeing.

For example, having the right ergonomics throughout the workplace increases comfort and is proven to significantly increase productivity. Equipping storage, delivery areas or light production areas with the right health and safety equipment ensures that you are compliant as well as giving your people the tools to work quickly and safely.

Protecting people’s privacy and ensuring the security of company information is also important. Taking simple measures such as fitting privacy filters to laptops, using shredders to dispose of sensitive materials, installing safes and secure storage, all help to ensure security of property and information.

Office Depot employs a team of highly-qualified health & safety and facilities professionals with a wealth of skills and knowledge. They possess the high level of experience we are happy to share.

To help our customers we have produced a guidebook with over 40 pages of practical advice that will help you to identify the fundamental issues and improve the wellbeing of your workplace.

Please email us with your name and address to receive your free copy of the 40 page guide 'Ways to Workplace Wellbeing'.

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