What does a ‘World Class’ supply chain look like?


What does a ‘World Class’ supply chain look like?

Office Depot is on the journey to achieve ‘World Class’ supply chain status – a programme of change that puts the customer at the heart of the process.

The World Class Organisation classify a company as World Class who: gets it right first time, builds capability to adapt, has signature practices which are unique and acts in an entirely customer-centric way.

World Class is an internationally recognised model of operational excellence – a collaboration between Warwick Business School and San Diego University. A framework of practices and behaviours has been identified and modelled in such a way that it can be mirrored by an organisation and drive them toward becoming a leader in the delivery of the highest standards of customer service.

Typically this involves a journey over a number of years and a massive commitment of time and resource. Rolls Royce, Intel, Pepsi and Toyota have already undertaken the programme and been successful in achieving World Class status.

Office Depot is about half way through a journey that is represented by over 60 large-scale projects, both up and down the supply chain, designed to expand capability and ensure continuity.

Already these projects have delivered new capabilities such as track and trace, delivery notifications and delivery consolidation – all of which have been driven by direct customer feedback.

World Class encourages collaboration with business partners and the wider business community. Office Depot has an improvement programme in place to support vendor performance while the Office Depot operated Logistics School of Excellence trains other businesses to the same high standards.

For more about World Class visit www.worldclassjourney.com.

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