The journey to a more sustainable workplace


The journey to a more sustainable workplace

Many UK companies are already focused on achieving a sustainable approach to managing their office environments but now face the continual challenge to improve their performance.

The most effective way for companies to monitor and enhance their overall environmental performance is to link their actions to specific outputs such as waste generation, materials usage, energy and water consumption and transportation.

Companies can measure their performance by using specialist technologies that monitor energy usage precisely, such as automated meter readings that track consumption levels. This kind of approach helps in setting clear goals to monitor performance.

Internal communications are a key element in any environmental programme to ensure that your staff are on board. To keep your employees involved and motivated to achieve your company’s green goals, you need clear and persuasive communication.

Sharing best practice and proactively working with suppliers are also fundamental cornerstones in reducing your organisation’s overall carbon footprint.

Consolidating the delivery of supplies, switching to recycled paper, using electronic ordering to cut down on the paper trail of traditional invoicing and reducing packaging are just some of the simple measures that can create significant environmental savings when implemented across the business.

Addressing and delivering carbon footprint and environmental reductions at the grassroots level need not be expensive if the message is communicated strongly enough and the measures applied throughout your organisation.

Here are some practical tips for you to consider:

  • Start by making small, simple changes rather than large, wholesale changes
  • Communicate well with your colleagues to raise awareness, increase understanding and secure staff buy-in
  • Work in partnership and consultation with your suppliers to see how they can help you meet environmental challenges
  • Consolidate your supplier base to simplify operations and minimise deliveries
  • Ensure you have a thorough and accurate measurement process in place to gauge your success.


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