Style, practicality and value wherever you work


Style, practicality and value wherever you work

Bringing your workspace to life

Many customers tell us that they are looking to maximise space yet maintain a comfortable and productive working environment – and all within a realistic budget.

With over 2500 new products, our enhanced Furniture range is designed to give you just that. A place for your staff and customers to meet, greet, work and eat in style and comfort!

From receptions through to office environments and from bistro to breakout areas, this is our most innovative and colourful selection yet – offering style, practicality and value, wherever you work and whatever your business.

All the facilities supplies you need

We’ve supplied catering, cleaning, hygiene and safety supplies to UK businesses for over 25 years. Recently however, more and more of our customers have asked for an even wider selection that matches their expectations of great quality, great choice and great prices.

We’ve worked with leading manufacturers to bring you a comprehensive range of Facilities Supplies that support the wellbeing of your staff and your workplace. With over 1,800 new products, our extended range enhances the workplace environment through innovative new products that offer the user something extra.

View our new Furniture catalogue here

View our new Facilities Supplies catalogue here

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